How does sustainable development endure high standard of living and increase in productivity?


Can someone also please explain how sustainable development makes sure that the objectives of removal of poverty, inequality and illiteracy are achieved?




If they did, would we have poverty?


For any development of any branch (or level) of society to become sustainable there must be answers for all those criteria you’ve named

William B

Quick sarcastic answer – they only think they do.

Long sarcastic answer – starving, illiterates are easier to steal from (via bribery and other corruption if kick backs, etc., technically are not bribes).

Name a country that got a better standard of living – more than how every country got better. (Real wages, adjusted for inflation increased in the “industrialized” world. Anybody out strip that. If starting at a lower point it should be possible. If using a defeated Axis power use 1938 as the base, not 1944.:) ) Oh, you might have two in China and India.

Both had top-down economies (China communist, India socialist) that had criminal like penalties for back sliding. (Just one cultural [not strictly economic] instance for India – Sati [if I spelled it right], the self immolation of a wife at her husband’s funeral, is out lawed. I say not strictly, because greater number of consumers and possible workers, etc.)

If you have not noticed, China executed the guys responsible for the tainting of their “national brand.” Increasing profits in the short term and not valuing the quality of life of your customers is back sliding.

Oh, those are countries that did it themselves by addressing government corruption first.


The fact that the development is sustainable means that it can be maintained over a long time and any gains the development achieves can be made more or less permanent. Whether the development actually will be maintained and the gains actually kept is another question altogether; “can be” is a lot different from “will be.”

By definition, nonsustainable development cannot be maintained over the long term. At best, such development would be suitable only as an initial stage to be replaced by something more sustainable to maintain any initial gains.

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